Protection Program

The attacks directed at your organization and its assets are unique. We combat fraud by providing labels, tapes, seals, and document products as part of your asset protection program.

We listen, providing components or design, and deploy a brand protection program specific to your goals and needs.

Brand Protection Labels:


Guiding the company's forward thrust is its dynamic philosophy: "The ambition of our organization spring from the collective determination of our people to continuously excel in providing high customer satisfaction through product quality at the right place.


Brand counterfeiting, product diversion, and document fraud are not victimless crimes. Companies are suffering from brand erosion and the loss of revenue and jobs. Liability concerning health and safety is steadily increasing. We provide effective solutions, redefining the standard for brand protection, product and document authentication, and anti-counterfeit technologies.

Secure Production

Working with our clients, we identify vulnerabilities. We design, implement, manage, and monitor tailored protection solutions. Our product mix combines secure and patented technologies, and security expertise to deliver powerful protection tools.


Use of counterfeit documents to commit identification and financial fraud is steadily increasing due to the widespread availability of computers, scanners, and copiers. Individuals, organized crime.


What is Authentication authenticate tr.v., -cat•ed, -cat•ing, -cates. To establish the authenticity of; prove genuine.

The basic challenge in the fight against fraud is "how to tell" a real product from a counterfeit. Authentication labels, seals, and markers are the fundamental tools used by companies to protect their brands, profits, and most importantly, their customers.

We work with our customers to engineer labels, seals, and markers to "establish the authenticity" of their products. We raise the bar so high that would-be counterfeiters look for other targets.

Successful authentication labels are comprised of three basic layers: overt, Covert, and Forensic. We design authentication products combining the right mix of technologies to fulfill the individual requirements of each program.