Color Changing Printing are formulated to change color properties under changing light conditions.Some changes in standard white light by viewing from two different angles. Mostly currencies have color shifting properties under different viewing angles as in Pakistani 5000Rs Color shifts from brown to green.


This printing is invisible at standard light but illuminates under Ultraviolet Lamp.This printing is also used to print currency notes and Visa stickers. Our UV Printing is a reliable, economic, quick and accurate anti-counterfeit tool used by banks, financial institutions. Additional documents such as credit cards, travelers' checks, driver licenses and other ID's can also be printed with UV.

Thermal Color Shifting

This security printing changes color under different temperature ranges.This printing has two types
1-Invisible to visible under 45,55,60 Degree Centigrade
2-Visible to invisible under 45,55,60 Degree Centigrade